The Hridayam® Method Manual

This is Hridayam® course of internal practices. They can be used for bodily and mental self-regulation and advancement of consciousness. Hridayam® Method ManualThey are based on Kundalini Yoga and similar practices of other traditions. These teachings were often considered “esoteric,” and needed adaptation to modern contexts and contemporary lifestyles. After Covid-19, these ancient practices gained new importance as a means of restoration of well-being and subjectively reported health. In carefully arranged combination of Hridayam® Method, they also offer long-term spiritual benefits, such as the experience of the sacred, of spirit in one’s daily life, and, for those who aspire for spiritual emancipation, developmental and purifying mental and bodily benefits. Eventually, they prepare the mind for insights into the nature of Reality, including the results described in wisdom traditions as liberation, enlightenment, and self-God-realization. The practices help to understand wildlife and nature, protect the environment, and are the necessary elements of an ecologically-minded attitude to life.

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