Hridayam® Integrative Spiritual Training

The Hridayam® Method of Integrative Spiritual Training is a system of inner work, meditation, and internal focus that inclines consciousness toward spiritual awareness, improves health, provides mental clarity, and may be used to heal traumatic memories, and construct positive personal qualities. The Hridayam® Method integrates the best techniques of Kundalini-Yoga, Tibetan Tantra, and the Hesychastic Prayer of the Heart. It also incorporates the elements of Chinese martial arts, Taoist eudemonics (the art of happiness and self-cultivation), and the Sufi psychology of personal transformation. The Hridayam® Method differs from all meditation and psychospiritual techniques and systems "on the market" because of its exceptionally effective, scientifically created enhancement of attentional focus and mental intention (for more details on the Method, click here). Since its origin in the 1980s, Hridayam® Method was constantly improved by integration of findings from the phenomenology of consciousness, as well as by electroencephalographic research. The technique was also submitted to assessment for use with children suffering from ADHD to the National Institutes of Health, and won a grant from the Mind Brain Foundation. The Hridayam® Method was the basis of the transformative training which I conducted at the former Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (1992-2014). The Hridayam® Method was tested and provided positive effects on more than five thousand people in different countries, and used with children, adolescents, adult, and senior subjects. Between 2014 and now, The Hridayam® Method was used to heal immigration stress (Ulysses Syndrome ) and in the curricula of the Graduate Theological Union, UC Davis Public Health, and the Hult International Business School.

The Hridayam® Method is holistic and engages all three modalities of the human person: the mind, the body, and the spirit. Its effectiveness is in its selection and its blend of practices and mental exercises, which positively recondition one’s relationships with the self and the world. The Hridayam® practices lead to religious or spiritual experience, in the same manner as entheogens do, but without any chemicals. It appears that with consistent use, The Hridayam® Method positively impacts brain chemistry and functionality; it was successfully used not only for stress reduction and to further personal development, but to heal long -term depression, manage PTSD, and quit addiction.